Recombinant Factor VIIa (Novoseven®) Utilization and Safety for Refractory Bleeding After Cardiac Surgery at a Large Academic Medical Center
ISTH Academy, Tania Ahuja, 213458
Measuring FIX-Activity of Nonacog Beta Pegol (N9-GP) in a One-stage Ellagic Acid Based Clot Assay on the ACL TOP 50 Series Instrument: A Two-site Study
ISTH Academy, Mary Doyle, 213484
FXI-deficient Patients with Bleeding Phenotype Show a Spatio-temporal Propagation of Blood Coagulation Shorter and Slower than Normal
ISTH Academy, Debora Calderara, 213485
Improving Transfusion Safety by Implementing Platelet Bacterial Screening in a Resource-limited Country
ISTH Academy, Farheen Karim, 213486
The Aberrant Expression of microRNAs in B Lymphocytes of Patients with Immune Thrombocytopenia
ISTH Academy, Xi JIA, 213509
Whole F8 and VWF Gene Sequencing using Next-generation Sequencing for Mutation-negative French and Canadian Hemophilia A Patients
ISTH Academy, Fanny Lassalle, 213531
Euglobulin Lysis Time (ELT) Behaviour in Patients Wwith Abnormal Clot Solubility Test (CST)
ISTH Academy, Lucia Remotti, 213547
CD8 T Cell-mediated Platelet Clearance Does Not Occur via Traditional Cytotoxic Protein Killing
ISTH Academy, Cheryl Maier, 213548
Type I Interferons Upregulate IFITM3 in Human Platelets and Megakaryocytes to Control Viral Infectivity
ISTH Academy, Robert Campbell, 213551
Circulating Progenitor and Mature Endothelial Cells in Patients with Venous Thromboembolic Disease
ISTH Academy, Sofia Grille, 213573
Discrepant von Willebrand Factor (VWF) Activity Levels in Two Unrelated von Willebrand Disease (VWD) Patients
ISTH Academy, Mackenzie Bowman, 213577
Joint and Functional Assessment Following Secondary and Tertiary Prophylaxis in PWH who were Previously Receiving Episodic on Demand Factor Replacement Infrequently
ISTH Academy, Anupam Dutta, 213600
Circulating Biochemical Markers of Early Joint Bleeding: Validation Study in Humans
ISTH Academy, Narine Hakobyan, 213605
Geno- and Phenotype Correlate in Porcine Model of von Willebrand Disease Type 1 and Type 3
ISTH Academy, Hanna Hanna, 213627
The Bone Disease in Haemophilia: The Role of von Willebrand Factor, Factor VIII and Thrombin
ISTH Academy, Stefano Lancellotti, 213629
Alternative Complement Pathway Inhibits Fibrinolysis in an in-vitro Whole Blood Model
ISTH Academy, Jason Samuels, 213643
Coxsackievirus B3 Replicates in Endothelial Colony Forming Cells and Inhibits Angiogenesis
ISTH Academy, Paula Romina Zubiry, 213645
Translation and Validation of the Pictorial Blood Loss Assessment Chart (PBAC) in Arabic
ISTH Academy, Ons Kaabia, 213646
Improving the Gynaecological Management of Women with Bleeding or Thrombotic Disorders by Multi-professional Out-patient Care
ISTH Academy, Kathryn Mary Musgrave, 213647
Recombinant Human Soluble Thrombomodulin Protects Vascular Endothelial Cells from Radiation-induced DNA Damage
ISTH Academy, Takayuki IKezoe, 213661
In-silico Prediction of Molecular Mass Distance Dependent Changes in Binding Energies between von Willebrand Factor and Platelet Membrane Glycoprotein (GP) Ibα in Wild Type and G233V Mutant
ISTH Academy, Shinichi Goto, 213663
Pelvic Hematoma Secondary to Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia: A Case Report
ISTH Academy, Siongleng HON, 213664
Rare Bleeding Disorders in Pakistan: An Update
ISTH Academy, Munira Borhany, 213679
Levels of Coagulation Factors, Coagulation Inhibitors and TAFI Do Not Affect Global Hemostasis and Bleeding Phenotype in Patients with Hemophilia A
ISTH Academy, Jovan Antovic, 213702
Compensatory Effect of Fibrinogen in Patient with Bone Marrow Aplasia, Septic Shock and Severe Thrombocytopenia Guided by Thromboelastometry: A Case Report
ISTH Academy, Tomaz Crochemore, 213705
Within-patient Comparison of Treatment Patterns before and after Switching to rFIXFc: A Report from the UK National Haemophilia Database
ISTH Academy, Martin Scott, 213706
The Gp1ba-Cre Transgenic Mouse: A New Model to Delineate Platelet and Leukocyte Functions
ISTH Academy, Zoltan Nagy, 213707
Hemostasis Disorders in Tunisian Women with Non Organic Menorrhagia: A Case Control Pilot Study
ISTH Academy, Ons Kaabia, 213727
Assessment of Neonatal Platelet Granule Trafficking and Shear-induced Platelet Activation in Neonatal Peripheral and Cord Blood
ISTH Academy, Anh Ngo, 213732
Differences in FVIII Measurements of Plasma Spiked with AFSTYLA® Generated with One-stage Clotting Assay using Different Commercial APTT Reagents Compared with Chromogenic Method
ISTH Academy, Inge Vangenechten, 213749
Induced Apoptosis-like Changes Caused by Sirtinol, a Pharmalogic Inhibitor of Sirt1/2, in Human Platelets
ISTH Academy, Ram Lala Mallick, 213751
Human Platelets Labeled at Multiple Biotin Densities: A Promising Approach for Monitoring in vivo Platelet Survival in Clinical Trials
ISTH Academy, Catherine Ravanat, 213752
Circulating Microparticles Improve Thrombin Generation and Fibrin Formation in Factor VIII Deficiency Plasma
ISTH Academy, Jovan Antovic, 213754
Method Comparison of the PT Rec Coagulation Assay with Existing Reference Methodology for Measuring Prothrombin Time (PT)
ISTH Academy, Steve Kitchen, 213782
Platelets Role in the Plasma Clotting is Not Limited to Providing a Lipid Surface
ISTH Academy, Anna Balandina, 213783
A Novel Model using Protein C-to-INR Ratio to Predict Short-term Mortality in Cirrhosis
ISTH Academy, Anupama Patil, 213784
Utility of New Red Cell Parameters for Identifying Functional Iron Deficiency and Anemia in Patients with Familial Mediterranean Fever
ISTH Academy, Zuhre Kaya, 213785
Comparison of Three Thromboplastin Reagents for International Normalized Ratio (INR) Measurement in Patients on Vitamin K Antagonist Therapy
ISTH Academy, Francois Depasse, 213808
Expression of the SCARA5 Scavenger Receptor in the Human Kidney and Spleen May Regulate Clearance of VWF
ISTH Academy, Laura L. Swystun, 213813
Clinical Description and Laboratory Characterization of Heparin-like Substance Causing Bleeding
ISTH Academy, Jun Teruya, 213833
Evidence of a Dominant Negative Effect of Gain-of-Function ITGB3 Mutations over Loss-of Function Mutations in Variant Glanzmann Thrombasthenia
ISTH Academy, Loredana Bury, 213838
Stored Calibration Curves Can Deliver Acceptable Accuracy and Precison on CS5100 Analysers
ISTH Academy, Anne Sermon-Cadd, 213854
Delayed Initiation and Inadequate Anticoagulation as Independent Risk Factors for Development of Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) - An Observational Study from a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India
ISTH Academy, Vikas Suri, 213857
Real World Data Analysis of US Claims Database on Coagulation Factor VIII Expenditures in Patients with Hemophilia A: Standard Half-life vs. Extended Half-life Products
ISTH Academy, Bartholomew Tortella, 213858
Pseudothrombocytopenia: Beyond Platelets Aggregates
ISTH Academy, Anália Carmo, 213874
Circulating Cholesterol Containing, Platelet-derived Microparticles Contribute to the Procoagulant State Observed in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
ISTH Academy, Shuaishuai Hu, 213875
Arthropathy and Joint Replacement Surgery in Patients with Hemophilia A (PwHA) in the US
ISTH Academy, Anisha Patel, 213876
Analysis of Fresh Frozen Plasma Requirement in Post Cardiopulmonary Bypass Cardiac Surgery Patient Based on Standard Coagulation and Thrombelastography Tests in Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung
ISTH Academy, Leni Lismayanti, 213905
Calibrations Performed in the Lab Fail to Correct Fibrinogen Quality Control Variability Generated by Different Reactant Batches
ISTH Academy, Felipe Guerrero, 213909
Increase in Plasma Stability and Thrombolytic Efficacy of pro-UK by Chemical Modification of its Arginine Residues
ISTH Academy, Liliya Mukhametova, 213910
Coagulation Abnormalities in Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Patients in Pakistan
ISTH Academy, Jawad Tirmazy, 213930
Evaluation of an Automated Chromogenic Assay for Measuring FVIII:C Levels in the Patients Affected by Hemophilia A
ISTH Academy, Cristina Novembrino, 213931
Noonan Syndrome and Bleeding Disorders: An Overview of Current Diagnostic Management
ISTH Academy, Heleen Van Ommen, 213935
Polyphoshate Nanoparticles Slow Down the Clotting of Fibrinogen and Increase the Lytic Stability of Fibrin
ISTH Academy, Miklós Lovas, 213963
Comparative Study of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the Exon 28 of the VWF between Healthy Donors, VWD2M (with p.E1549K and p.R1374C) and VWD2B Patients (with p.R1308C and p.V1316M) in a Single Center in Argentina. Preliminary Report
ISTH Academy, Analia Sanchez-Luceros, 213964
Risk Modeling Inhibitor Development of Haemophilia A Patients in Australia
ISTH Academy, Sumit Parikh, 213965
A Novel Role of LASSBio-788 in Inhibiting NF-κB Mediated Signaling in Platelet of Hypercholesterolemic Rats: Would Be New Antiplatelet Agent?
ISTH Academy, Nadia Alice Vieira Motta, 213985
PDK1 Is Crucial to Pro-platelet Formation and Thrombopoiesis by Regulating MK Actin Polymerization
ISTH Academy, Sascha Geue, 213986
Beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase 2 c.909C>T Gene Variant Is Predictive of On-clopidogrel Platelet Reactivity
ISTH Academy, Dominique Lasne, 213989
Emerging Value of Platelet Function Testing at Predicting the Risk of Recurrent Vascular Events and Outcomes after TIA/Ischemic Stroke: A Systematic Review of the Literature
ISTH Academy, Soon Tjin Lim, 213991
Influence of Preoperative Platelet Activity on Coagulation and Blood Loss in Large Orthopedic Surgery
ISTH Academy, Irina P. Antropova, 214010
Janus Kinase 3 (JAK3)-dependent Signaling Is Critical to Ca2+-dependent Platelet Activation and Thrombus Formation
ISTH Academy, Mailin Manke, 214020
Platelet's Disorder in a Case of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
ISTH Academy, Corrado Lodigiani, 214040
Diverse Inheritance of VWD Found in Type 3 U.S. Families in the Zimmerman Program
ISTH Academy, Pamela Christopherson, 214043
Assessment of Platelet Count Standardization in Platelet-rich Plasma for Platelet Function Testing by Light Transmission Aggregometry
ISTH Academy, Mason Dixon, 214064
Exploratory Analyses of the Efficacy of Avatrombopag versus Placebo from 2 Phase 3 Studies Using Alternate Baseline Platelet Count Cohorts and an Alternate Secondary Efficacy Endpoint
ISTH Academy, Kavita Aggarwal, 214068
Association between Use of Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator and In-hospital Mortality and 30-day Readmission among Ischemic Stroke Patients Undergoing Mechanical Thrombectomy: A Retrospective Cohort Study
ISTH Academy, Joshua Brown, 214102
Effectiveness of Pediatric Bleeding Questionnaire in Hemorrhagic Disorders
ISTH Academy, Laura Villarreal Martinez, 214104
Top Abstract Presentation: Patients with Aortic Stenosis Have von Willebrand Factor Abnormalities and Aberrant Angiogenesis in BOEC
ISTH Academy, Soundarya Selvam, 223641
VWF Clearance and Clinical Implications
ISTH Academy, David Lillicrap, 223642
Standardization and Challenges of ADAMTS13 Activity and Antibody Testing in the Asia Pacific Region
ISTH Academy, Ross Ian Baker, 223644
The Interactive Registry of Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome (INTREAVWS)
ISTH Academy, Augusto B Federici, 223645
Update on 3Winters-Ips Project
ISTH Academy, Augusto B Federici, 223646
Top Abstract Presentation: Development of a New Point-of-care Test for the detection of Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs).
ISTH Academy, Galit Frydman, 223647
TXA in the Prevention of Surgical Bleeding
ISTH Academy, Jerrold Levy, 223648
TXA in the Management of Bleeding
ISTH Academy, Beverley Hunt, 223649
New Evidence for Perioperative Management of Oral Anticoagulants
ISTH Academy, Pierre Albaladejo, 223650
New Evidence for Perioperative Management of Oral Anticoagulants
ISTH Academy, Thomas Thiele, 223652
New Evidence for Perioperative Management of Oral Anticoagulants
ISTH Academy, James Douketis, 223653
Quantitative Approaches for Identifying Genic and Regulatory Variants Responsible For Rare Bleeding and Platelet Disorders
ISTH Academy, Ernest Turro, 223591
Bioinformatic and Experimental Strategies for Modulating Platelet Function With Peptides Originating From Platelet Proteins
ISTH Academy, Denis Shields, 223589
Mining Personal, Dense, Dynamic, Data Clouds to Optimize Health and Drive Discovery
ISTH Academy, Nathan Price, 223588
Effectiveness of a training program for bleeding disorders among accredited social health activists in Udupi District, Karnataka, India
ISTH Academy, Hideo Wada, 226205
Managing thrombosis in cancer patients
ISTH Academy, Mervyn Vergouwen, 226206
Immigration, region of origin, and the epidemiology of venous thromboembolism: A population‐based study
ISTH Academy, Carsten Ley, 226207
Electronic alerts, comparative practitioner metrics, and education improve thromboprophylaxis and reduce venous thrombosis in community hospitals
ISTH Academy, Jeroen Eikenboom, 226208
Matrix metalloproteinase‐13 unlucky for the forming thrombus
ISTH Academy, Geoffrey Barnes, 226209
Assessment of limb edema in pediatric post‐thrombotic syndrome
ISTH Academy, Keiji Nogamimi, 226210
Performing and interpreting individual pharmacokinetic profiles in patients with Hemophilia A or B: Rationale and general considerations
ISTH Academy, Renhao Li, 226211
Out‐of‐range INR results lead to increased health‐care utilization in four large anticoagulation clinics
ISTH Academy, Sten Libregts, 226212
Extended anticoagulation for unprovoked venous thromboembolism
ISTH Academy, Correspondence |Lana A. Castellucci, 226213
Pilot trials in thrombosis: Purpose and pitfalls
ISTH Academy, Correspondence |Grégoire Le Gal, 226214
Novel aspects of antiplatelet therapy in cardiovascular disease
ISTH Academy, Correspondence |Thomas Gremmel, 226215
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 226216
Illustrated review article: A new format for disseminating scientific progress
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 226221
A survey of characteristics and current educational needs of hemophilia treatment centers within Asia Pacific
ISTH Academy, Cynthia Wu, 226222
Cyclic nucleotide‐dependent inhibitory signaling interweaves with activating pathways to determine platelet responses
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 226223
Imaging platelet biogenesis in vivo
ISTH Academy, Theodore Spiro, 226224
MiR‐21 role in aspirin‐dependent PPARα and multidrug resistance protein 4 upregulation
ISTH Academy, Inge Vangenechten, 226225
Focusing in on use of pharmacokinetic profiles in routine hemophilia care
ISTH Academy, Mary Cushman, 226226

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