Combination of high levels of fibrinogen and high sensitivity C-reactive protein enhances risk of acute coronary syndrome
ISTH Academy, Chananikan Makmool, 264353
Demographic, clinical and hematological predictors of carotid atherosclerotic plaque histology
ISTH Academy, Gian Luca Salvagno, 264356
Endocan and homocysteine levels in Brazilian Renal Transplant Recipients
ISTH Academy, Luci Dusse, 264357
The Role of HLA-class-II (HLAcII) Molecules in Determining the Immunogenicity Potential of Therapeutic Factor VIII Proteins (tFVIIIs) in Hemophilia A (HA): The Gate Keeper Hypothesis
ISTH Academy, Vincent P. Diego, 264374
Modulation of the FVIII-specific Immune Response by CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ Regulatory T cells
ISTH Academy, Mirjam Meissner, 264375
Assessment of single-factor deficiency sensitivity of three APTT reagents
ISTH Academy, Claire Martin, 264376
Relationship of markers of inflammation, infection, and endothelial function to mortality and severity of coagulopathy in patients with sepsis-associated DIC
ISTH Academy, Matthew Rondina, 264391
Thrombin Time Test of Patients with Liver Disease attending Medicine outpatient Department UCTH, Calabar, Nigeria
ISTH Academy, Dorathy Chioma Okpokam, 264392
Increased platelet contribution to clot strength in cirrhotic patients with non-malignant recent portal vein thrombosis
ISTH Academy, Ecaterina Scarlatescu, 264393
Assessment of thrombomodulin resistance in women using second generation, third generation and progestin-only contraceptives
ISTH Academy, Laure Morimont, 264408
Validation of an original ETP-based APC resistance assay for the evaluation of prothrombotic states
ISTH Academy, Laure Morimont, 264409
Data interpretation of the ETP-based APC resistance assay and the concept of nAPCsr10, an improved nAPCsr
ISTH Academy, Laure Morimont, 264410
A proximity-based in silicoapproach to identify redox-labile disulfide bonds: the example of FVIII
ISTH Academy, Carmen Coxon, 264426
Identification and molecular characterization of alternatively spliced novel isoforms of human antithrombin gene
Effect of catechins on blood coagulation and on various proteins related to the regulation of blood coagulation which are produced in HepG2 Cells
ISTH Academy, Tatsuya Hayashi, 264428
Compared with P-selectin and lysosomal associated membrane protein 3, TREM-like transcript 1 is a more sensitive marker of platelet activation in patients with acute coronary syndromes
ISTH Academy, Shundong Ji, 264445
Absence of measurable contact system activation of coagulation during hemodialysis: a randomized crossover study
ISTH Academy, Christelle Orlando, 264447
Potential role of high-sensitive troponin T in identification of patients with pulmonary embolism (PE) who may be treated safely at home?
ISTH Academy, Stephan Hendriks, 264448
Biomarkers for prediction of thromboembolic disease
ISTH Academy, Mikkel Lundbech, 264464
Plasma fibrin clot proteomics in healthy subjects: relation to clot permeability and lysis time
ISTH Academy, Anetta Undas, 264465
No change in coagulation factor levels after knee arthroscopy
ISTH Academy, Carolina Eveline Touw, 264466
The Predictive Value of Right Ventricle Strain assessed by CTPA compared to the Simplified Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index for 30 day Mortality in Outpatients Presenting with Symptomatic Pulmonary Embolism
ISTH Academy, Ming Sheng Lim, 264481
Serum lipoprotein (a) is not increased in patients with previous spontaneous venous thrombosis or correlated with global fibrinolysis
ISTH Academy, Andreza Lamônica, 264482
ISTH Academy, Kristen Carter, 264483
Discrepancy between clotting versus chromogenic FVIII procoagulant assay is determined by a combination of APTT reagent and FVIII-deficient plasma
ISTH Academy, Atsuo Suzuki, 264498
Performance Evaluation of a Homogeneous Research Prototype Immunoassay for the Detection of Emicizumab in Human Plasma on an Automated Coagulation Analyzer
ISTH Academy, Silke Echternacht, 264499
Comparison of one stage APTT FVIII assay and chromogenic factor (F) VIII assays in patients with severe Haemophilia A, receiving FVIII treatment products
ISTH Academy, Anne Riddell, 264500
Sensitive method for diagnosing a platelet population behavior after stimulation
ISTH Academy, Alena Litvinenko, 264515
Mean platelet volume and blood loss in total hip replacement surgery
ISTH Academy, Irina P. Antropova, 264516
Phenotypic Variability in Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Therapy in African Americans: An ACCOuNT Consortium Study
ISTH Academy, Minoli Perera, 264517
Fibrinogenolytic effects of Night Adder snake venoms
ISTH Academy, Francisco Coimbra, 264535
Levels of Factor XII and Plasmin-antiplasmin Complex Serum in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients
ISTH Academy, Irza Wahid, 264536
A multimodal approach using tranexamic acid plus fibrinogen compensates low levels of thrombin generation following PCC therapy in a polytrauma model
ISTH Academy, Oliver Grottke, 264537
Single center analysis of clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with acquired hemophilia A
ISTH Academy, Yoshiyuki Ogawa, 264556
Outcome of CARE: A 6-year national registry of acquired hemophilia A in China
ISTH Academy, Boyang Sun, 264557
Peptides derived from basement membrane hydrolysis by snake venom metalloproteinases contribute to the vascular effects of viper venoms
ISTH Academy, Ana M. Moura-da-Silva, 264558
Acquired hemophilia A presenting in a 13 year-old boy - A Clinical Case
ISTH Academy, Rute Preto, 264572
ISTH Academy, Veronica Privitera, 264573
Combination of cyclophosphamide and corticosteroids therapy facilitate remission in acquired hemophilia A patients with high titers of inhibitors: A single center experience in China
ISTH Academy, Naifang Ye, 264574
Use of rFIX-FP in a child with mild hemophilia B during a surgical procedure
ISTH Academy, John Puetz, 264589
Psychosocial issues in mothers of children with hemophilia
ISTH Academy, Aya Nakao, 264590
Long-term safety of N8-GP (turoctocog alfa pegol) prophylaxis in patients with severe haemophilia A
ISTH Academy, Nicola J Curry, 264591
Changes in bleeding symptoms and daily life with emicizumab prophylaxis: a questionnaire in patients with hemophilia A (PwHA) without FVIII inhibitors in a long-term phase 1/2 study
ISTH Academy, Midori Shima, 264606
The Outcome of Intermediate-Dose Prophylaxis and On-Demand Episodic Treatment for Severe Hemophilia A Patients in Taiwan - A Longitudinal Study
ISTH Academy, Shyh-Shin Chiou, 264607
Haemostatic therapy for insertion of central venous access devices in severe haemophilia A and B - Melbourne paediatric protocol
ISTH Academy, Sally Campbell, 264608
Cardiovascular clinical and laboratory profiles of hemophilia patients from the Brazilian Hemophilia Treatment Center of Pernambuco (HEMOPE)
ISTH Academy, Ricardo Camelo, 264622
Low-dose immune tolerance induction strategy eradicates high-titer inhibitor with poor risk(s) in hemophilia A children: a pilot study in China
ISTH Academy, Zekun Li, 264623
Comparing Qualitative and Quantitative Data on BAY 94-9027, a New Extended Half-Life Recombinant Factor VIII for the Treatment of Hemophilia A: A Mixed- Method Research Approach.
ISTH Academy, Emilio Musi, 264624
Immune Tolerance Induction for the Hemophilia A Inhibitor Patients with poor prognostic Factors
ISTH Academy, Soon Ki Kim, 264639
Target joint resolution in patients with hemophilia A receiving long-term prophylaxis with BAY 94-9027
ISTH Academy, Mark Reding, 264640
Prediction of anti-FVIII inhibitor persistence by anti-FVIII IgG subclasses in patients with severe hemophilia a in the SIPPET cohort study
ISTH Academy, Roberta Palla, 264641
Utility of an educational material for primary caregivers of pediatric patients with Hemophilia
ISTH Academy, Mashenka Moreno, 264654
A Case Series of Continuous Infusion with Kovaltry® (Octocog Alfa) in Patients with Hemophilia A
ISTH Academy, Georgina Floros, 264655
Haemophilia B minor- lab error or possible misdiagnosis
ISTH Academy, Florije Raka, 264657
Comorbidity and transfusion transmitted infections in patients with severe haemophilia: Report from Taiwan Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis registry
ISTH Academy, Jiaan-Der Wang, 264658
Adherence to Prophylaxis in Hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease: Systematic Assessment from an Electronic Diary
ISTH Academy, Andreas Tiede, 264674
Seek and Ye Shall Find - elearning as a method to improve knowledge of bleeding management
ISTH Academy, Louise English, 264675
Clinically guided 4 factor prothrombin complex concentrate therapy in cardiac surgery is not associated with a sustained procoagulant state
ISTH Academy, Oliver Grottke, 264676
Efficacy of Three Factor Prothrombin Complex in Achieving Haemostasis in Patients with Major Bleeding on Anti-Coagulation - Retrospective Single Centre Study
ISTH Academy, Usha Chandra Sekaran, 264677
Plasmodium falciparum histidine rich protein HRPII inhibits the anti-inflammatory function of antithrombin
ISTH Academy, Alireza Rezaie, 264691
Regulation of vascular inflammation and liver defense system by a lipid substrate of N-terminal phosphatase of soluble epoxide hydrolase
ISTH Academy, Eriko Suzuki, 264692
Partially methylated domains of fetal and adult Liver sinusoidal endothelial cells revealed cell-type as well as differentiation-stage specificity
ISTH Academy, Muhammad Ahmer Jamil, 264693
Endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress and activation of Rho A/Rho kinase pathway in major depressive disorder
ISTH Academy, Claudia Saez, 264694
Remote ischemic preconditioning does not influence lectin pathway protein levels in cancer patients undergoing surgery: a randomized controlled trial
ISTH Academy, Kristine Frederiksen, 264708
Modulation of the Liver Immune Microenvironment by an Adeno-Associated Virus Serotype 8 (AAV8) Gene Therapy Vector
ISTH Academy, Agostina Carestia, 264709
MiR-146a participates in thrombo-inflammation regulating neutrophil extracellular trap formation
ISTH Academy, Ana Belen Arroyo Rodriguez, 264710
Non-coding RNA miR-365a-3p Suppresses Tissue Factor Levels and Decreases Thrombin Generation
ISTH Academy, Jiayin Tian, 264711
Outside-in integrin signaling induces Disabled-2 (Dab2) Ser24 phosphorylation causing Dab2 dissociation from phosphatidic acid in human platelets
ISTH Academy, Ching-Ping Tseng, 264724
Plasma Inhibitors of Platelet Sheddase Activity - Rocks to the Scissors on the Paper
ISTH Academy, Christine Lee, 264725
ISTH Academy, Maria Golubeva, 264726
Age-wise variation in expression level of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) within platelets sets incidences of thrombotic disorders
ISTH Academy, Ram Lala Mallick, 264742
Comparison of anucleated and nucleated platelet transcriptomes
ISTH Academy, Farzana Ferdous, 264743
Gradient dependent inhibition of platelet stimulatory G-Protein coupled receptors is mediated through cAMP dependent pathway
ISTH Academy, Ankit S Macwan, 264744
Inflammatory Responses in Mice Deficient for Platelet α-granules During Intestinal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury
ISTH Academy, Katrina Ashworth, 264759
PDI regulation of neutrophil Mac-1 function by allosteric disulphides in the β2 subunit
ISTH Academy, Joyce Chiu, 264760
Combining a novel GPVI inhibitor ACT017 with conventional antiplatelet therapy provides greater inhibition of platelet-leukocyte aggregate formation
ISTH Academy, Mark Thomas, 264761
Extension of non-clinical safety margins for recombinant ADAMTS13 (TAK-755/SHP655)
ISTH Academy, Werner Hoellriegl, 264777
Characterization of von Willebrand Factor and ADAMTS13 in the Tim Townes mouse model of sickle cell disease
ISTH Academy, Werner Hoellriegl, 264778
Evaluation of a rapid, fully-automated ADAMTS13 activity assay
ISTH Academy, Josep Serra, 264779
Rituximab prophylaxis in acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura improves thrombus formation by shear flow-based assay
ISTH Academy, Marie Scully, 264794
A Survey on the use of rituximab in Korean patients with acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
ISTH Academy, Sung-Hyun Kim, 264795
A case of hereditary thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
ISTH Academy, Li Zhou, 264796
Quality of initial anticoagulant treatment is not a risk factor for developing chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension after acute pulmonary embolism
ISTH Academy, Duliëtte Boon, 264810
Contrast enhanced computed tomography has a high sensitivity for diagnosing chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension
ISTH Academy, Eli Westerlund, 264811
Can a 9-item modified villalta score adequately predict post thrombotic syndrome? A subgroup analysis from the ‘Follow-up In Rivaroxaban patients in Setting of Thromboembolism’ (FIRST) Registry
ISTH Academy, Vicky Speed, 264813
MAC Project - Monitoring Anticoagulant Therapy Observational Study - Rationale and Protocol
ISTH Academy, Giuseppe Camporese, 264828
Absence of Interaction Between Rivaroxaban, Tacrolimus And Everolimus In Renal Transplant Recipients Anticoagulated For Proximal Deep Vein Thrombosis Or Atrial Fibrillation
ISTH Academy, Giuseppe Camporese, 264829
Time in Therapeutic Range (TTR) of Ghanaian VTE Patients on Warfarin
ISTH Academy, Edeghonghon Olayemi, 264830
Identifying patient values and expectations for pulmonary embolism CT scanning in the emergency department
ISTH Academy, Vidushi Swarup, 264844
Complication Rates after Upper Extremity Venous Thrombosis: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
ISTH Academy, Rick Ikesaka, 264845
Thrombin Generation during bleeding in orally anticoagulated patients: reversal can lead to hypercoagulability
ISTH Academy, Aurelien Lebreton, 264846
Dabigatran Etexilate : efficacy and safety in the treatment of localized intravascular coagulopathy associated with venous malformations
ISTH Academy, Cedric Hermans, 264861
Management of anticoagulant therapy around delivery: results from the ongoing Highlow study
ISTH Academy, Ingrid Bistervels, 264862
A quality improvement program to reduce the use of inferior vena cava filters for unnecessary indications in a tertiary care center
ISTH Academy, Tzu Fei Wang, 264863
High titer of false positive venereal disease research laboratory (f+VDRL) test among patients with Obstetric Antiphospholipid Antibodies Syndrome (OAPS) having triple positivity profile of antiphospholipid antibodies (aPL)
ISTH Academy, Silvia Peres, 264884
Glycoprotein VI (GP6) single nucleotide polymorphisms affect recurrent pregnancy loss(RPL)
ISTH Academy, Jeong Yong Lee, 264885
Study of utilisation of combined hormonal contraceptives in Europe
ISTH Academy, Deeksha Khialani, 264886
Outcome of pregnancies inadvertently conceived during rivaroxaban anticoagulation therapy - case series
ISTH Academy, Justyna Teliga-Czajkowska, 264903
The changes in platelet function during the three trimesters of uncomplicated pregnancy and puerperium compared to non-pregnant controls
ISTH Academy, Anne Riddell, 264904
The impact of glycemic control in pregnant women with gestational and pregestational diabetes on coagulation status and lipid metabolism
ISTH Academy, Justyna Teliga-Czajkowska, 264905

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