Emicizumab Impact on Factor VIII Inhibitor Determination in Plasma Samples from Persons with Hemophilia A (PwHA) using a New Kit for Modified Nijmegen-Bethesda Assay (MNBA)
ISTH Academy, Ali Sadeghi-Khomami, 213440
Inpatient to Outpatient Transition of Care for Pediatric Patients with Venous Thromboembolism
ISTH Academy, James Munn, 213534
Heparin-induced Thrombocytopenia: An International Assessment of the Quality of Laboratory Testing
ISTH Academy, Zachary Liederman, 213556
Effectiveness and Safety of Outpatient Rivaroxaban versus Warfarin in Patients with Provoked Acute Venous Thromboembolism
ISTH Academy, Craig I. Coleman, 213582
Activated Factor VII Fused with Transferrin Showed Prolonged Half-life with Safe Toxicity Profile in Animal Models
ISTH Academy, InYoung Song, 213609
Lean Body Weight is the Best Scale for Venous Thromboprophylaxis Algorithm in Severely Obese Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery
ISTH Academy, Corinne Frere, 213651
Outpatient Management of Deep Vein Thrombosis using Direct Oral Anticoagulants is Safe and Cost-effective
ISTH Academy, Hui Yin Lim, 213668
Genetic Risk Factors of Endothelial Dysfunction in Pregnant Women
ISTH Academy, Natalya Silina, 213689
Prosthetic Valve Thrombosis in Children
ISTH Academy, Patricia Kewada, 213710
Long-term Risk of Post-thrombotic Syndrome after Symptomatic Distal Deep-vein Thrombosis: The CACTUS-PTS Study
ISTH Academy, Jean-Philippe Galanaud, 213739
The Indirect Effects of Dabigatran En Rivaroxaban on Fibrinolysis
ISTH Academy, Suzanne zwaveling, 213768
In vitro Effects of BCR-ABL Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors on Endothelial Cells Survival and Functions
ISTH Academy, Jonathan Douxfils, 213816
Prospective Study of Changes in Haemostasis in High-risk Pregnancy
ISTH Academy, Lucia Stanciakova, 213887
Pre-test Likelihood of ADAMTS13 Severe Deficiency in the Context of Thrombotic Microangiopathies: Validation of the PLASMIC Score in a Southern Italy Hospital
ISTH Academy, Elvira Grandone, 213916
Significance of GPIbα -5T>C, GPIbα VNTR, GPVI T13254C Polymorphisms and HPA-2 in the Etiology of Pediatric Arterial Ischemic Stroke
ISTH Academy, Desiree Coen Herak, 213973
Treatment of Acquired TTP with the Anti-vWF Nanobody, Caplacizumab, Results in a Significant Reduction in Healthcare Resource Utilization - Data from the Phase III HERCULES Trial
ISTH Academy, Filip Callewaert, 213997
DOAC Filter Effect on Thrombin Generation: Pre-analytical Considerations and Analytical Perspectives
ISTH Academy, Damien Gheldof, 214025
Implementation of an Acute DVT Ambulatory Care Pathway in a Large Urban Centre: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
ISTH Academy, Sarah Kelliher, 214047
Risk Stratification for Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Hospitalized Medical Patients: Can Thromboprophylaxis in Hospitalized Medical Patients Be Safely Restricted to Reduce Costs?
ISTH Academy, Alison Mary Bond, 214080
Prevalence of Common Genetic Variants Associated with Thrombophilia in Asymptomatic young Individuals with a Family History of Thrombosis
ISTH Academy, Androniki Papoutsi, 214113
Evaluation of an Educational Video for Patients Taking Warfarin
ISTH Academy, Maria Auxiliadora Parreiras Martins, 214114
Diagnosis of Hereditary Platelet Disorders on a Blood Smear
ISTH Academy, Andreas Greinacher, 234263
Von Willebrand Disease and Pregnancy: A Review of Evidence
ISTH Academy, Paula James, 223667
VWD Guidelines
ISTH Academy, Veronica Flood, 223668
Antifibrinolytic Therapy for Preventing VWD-Related Postpartum Hemorrhage: Indications and Limitations
ISTH Academy, Peter Kouides, 223669
Standardization of Flow Cytometry for the Assessment of Platelet Disorders
ISTH Academy, Andrew Frelinger, 223677
Multidimensional Platelet Analysis by Mass Cytometry: A New Tool in Platelet Diagnostics
ISTH Academy, Thomas Blair, 223679
Multiple Flow Cytometry for the Study of Platelets: Methodological Aspects and Open Issues
ISTH Academy, Khalid M. Naseem, 223680
Measurement of MPV: A Standardization Study
ISTH Academy, Paul Harrison, 223681
Methods for the Conservation and Shipment of Platelets: Update and Progress
ISTH Academy, Marie Lordkipanidze, 223682
Standardization and Interlaboratory Comparison of Platelet Aggregation Reagents: A Multicentric Comparison (Launch of a New Project)
ISTH Academy, Marie Christine Alessi, 223683
Diagnostic Algorithm: A Look to Latin America
ISTH Academy, Analia Sanchez-Luceros, 223662
Diagnostic Algorithm - BloodCenter of Wisconsin
ISTH Academy, Sandra Haberichter, 223663
Calibration of ISTH Lot#5 and Standardization of VWF:GPIbM
ISTH Academy, Anthony Hubbard, 223664
Variability in VWF:RCo Results: Data from the UK NEQAS (Blood Coagulation) Proficiency Testing Program
ISTH Academy, Ian Jennings, 223665
VWF:GPIbM Assay Assessment of DDAVP Response
ISTH Academy, Kenneth Friedman, 223666
Overview of the Platelet Physiology SSC – Ongoing and New Projects and Presentation of the Session
ISTH Academy, Paolo Gresele, 223671
Diagnosis and Management of Platelet-Type Von Willebrand Disease: Guidance Based on Expert Consensus
ISTH Academy, Maha Othman, 223672
Platelets on the move – boosters of innate immunity
ISTH Academy, Florian Gaertner, 223673
Platelet Chemotaxis: Novel Triggers
ISTH Academy, Eleonora Petito, 223674
Platelet-Mediated Bacterial Killing: In Vitro Studies
ISTH Academy, Randall Worth, 223675
Platelets and Host Defense against Pulmonary Bacterial Infection: In Vivo Testing
ISTH Academy, Simon Pitchford, 223676
Supported Sessions
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 227408
Removing the Diagnosis of VWD from Patients
ISTH Academy, Giancarlo Castaman, 223654
Clinical Challenges in Low VWF Diagnosis
ISTH Academy, Michelle Lavin, 223655
Low VWF - Meta Analysis
ISTH Academy, Alberto Tosetto, 223656
Alloantibody Formation in Type 3 Subjects in Zimmerman Program
ISTH Academy, Pamela Christopherson, 223657
Overview of Extracorporeal Devices and Hemostasis
ISTH Academy, Jun Teruya, 223658
Impact of VADs and ECMO on Primary Hemostasis and Consequences of Therapeutic Approaches
ISTH Academy, Barbara Zieger, 223659
Anticoagulation and Monitoring for ECMO and VADs:  Targets and Drugs
ISTH Academy, Paul Monagle, 223660
Anticoagulation for ECMO and VADs Other Than Heparin and Warfarin: Direct Thrombin Inhibitors and Novel Agents
ISTH Academy, Thomas Renné, 223661
Impact of Cigarette Smoking on Platelet Count, Mean Platelet Volume, Platelet Aggregability and Platelet Distribution Width of Male Cigarette Smokers in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria
ISTH Academy, Ifeyinwa Maryann Okafor, 213444
Increased Fibrinolysis as a Specific Marker of Poor Outcome after Cardiac Arrest
ISTH Academy, Michael Schwameis, 213470
Impact of Mitral Valve Clip Procedure on Indices of Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome
ISTH Academy, Joseph L. Blackshear, 213474
Sphingosine 1-phosphate Induces COX-2/PGE2 Expression via PKCalpha-mediated MAPKs and NF-kappaB Cascades in Human Cardiac Fibroblasts
ISTH Academy, Chuen-Mao Yang, 213492
Clinical Presentations and Diagnostic Algorithm of Neonatal FXIII-deficiency
ISTH Academy, Mehran Karimi, 213494
Thromboelastometry Profile in Critically Ill Patients: A Single-center, Retrospective, Observational Study
ISTH Academy, Tomaz Crochemore, 213496
The Role of Cytokines in the Development of Acquired Aplastic Anemia
ISTH Academy, Inna Berger, 213497
Lysis of Blood Cells by Arachidonic Acid Cause ADP-dependent Platelet Activation Responses in Platelet Function Tests using Whole Blood
ISTH Academy, Sofia Ramstrom, 213514
Ticagrelor Induces the Expression of the Endothelial Phenotype CD34+ Progenitor Cells in the Presence of ADP via an Adenosine-mediated Mechanism
ISTH Academy, Alexandros Tselepis, 213515
Genetic Polymorphisms Contributing to the Pharmacokinetics of Factor VIII Concentrates
ISTH Academy, Massimo Morfini, 213517
Cement Dust Exposure Associated with Anaemia, Increased Platelets, Cardiac Markers and Dyslipidamia among Male Cement Workers in Calabar, Nigeria
ISTH Academy, Ifeyinwa Maryann Okafor, 213536
Underassignment of FIX Potency of rFIX-Albumin Fusion Protein (rFIX-HSA) by One Stage Methods Demonstrated in Studies on FXIa and FIXa Generation
ISTH Academy, Steffen Rosen, 213537
Mean Platelet Volume Positively Correlates with Uterine Volume after Menopause, Except Myomas Presence
ISTH Academy, Bibiána Bajteková, 213583
Platelet to Lymphocyte Ratio was Significantly Lower for Slovak Postmenopausal Women Born from November to April, Except those with Leiomyoma
ISTH Academy, Bibiána Bajteková, 213585
Hemoglobin-activated Platelet Regulates Macrophage Polarization under Hemolytic Conditions
ISTH Academy, Rashi Singhal, 213587
The FVIII: C Measurement of Extended Half-life Recombinant Factor VIII FC Fusion in Haemophilia A Patients
ISTH Academy, Annette Bowyer, 213615
Realworld Health Care Expenditure and Dispensation of Extended and Standard Half-life Recombinant Factor IX Products in Hemophilia B Patients
ISTH Academy, Bartholomew Tortella, 213636
Correction of Factor XI Deficiency by Liver Transplantation for Secondary Sclerosing Cholangitis
ISTH Academy, Corinne Frere, 213652
Atypical Presentations of RUNX1 Associated Familial Platelet Disorder with Predisposition to Myeloid Malignancy (FPDMM)
ISTH Academy, Christopher Ward, 213670
Intense Exercise Increases von Willebrand Factor and Factor VIII Levels in Well-trained Athletes
ISTH Academy, Paraskevi Spatharaki, 213693
Unique Megakaryocytes from Human Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stromal/stem Cell Line: Comparison with Hematopoietic Stem Cell-derived Megakaryocytes
ISTH Academy, Yukako Ono-Uruga, 213743
Are Iranian Patients with von Willebrand Disease Type 2N Properly Differentiated from the Ones with Mild/Moderate Hemophilia A and Do They Receive Appropriate Treatment?
ISTH Academy, Asghar Seidizadeh, 213770
One Stage and Chromogenic Assays Discrepancy in the Estimation of Factor IX (FIX) Recovery. What is it that a Single Hemophilia Center Can and Cannot Do?
ISTH Academy, Jovan Antovic, 213772
System Performance Evaluation of the Cobas t 711 and Cobas t 511 Analysers
ISTH Academy, Steven Kitchen, 213774
Characterization of Platelet Function with Flow Cytometry for Bleeding Risk Evaluation in Hematological Disorders
ISTH Academy, Anastasia Ignatova, 213792
Kinetic Application of Flow Cytometry for Patients with Unknown Bleeding Disorders: The Underestimated Value of Mepacrine
ISTH Academy, Georgi Manukjan, 213795
Bleeding Diathesis Associated with Severe Acquired Platelet Dysfunction and Overproduction of Cyclic AMP in Two Patients with Hematologic Malignancies
ISTH Academy, Andrea Artoni, 213821
The Canine Platelet Secretome (CAPS): Proteomic Analysis of Thrombin-stimulated Release
ISTH Academy, Signe Emilie Cremer, 213824
Standardized Determination of FVIII Inhibitors with the Improved FVIII INH Kit
ISTH Academy, Lieselotte Wagner, 213846
Staphylokinase Potentiates Thrombolytic Effect of Single Chain Pro-urokinase in Plasma Milleu in vitro
ISTH Academy, Roza Aisina, 213847
High On-treatment Platelet Reactivity (HTPR) on Clopidogrel but Not on Novel P2Y12 Antagonists in Patients with ACS Undergoing PCI - Single Centre Study
ISTH Academy, Ján Stasko, 213867
High Molecular Weight von Willebrand Factor Multimers in Cryoprecipitate Exceed that Found in a Commercial Concentrate
ISTH Academy, Meaghan Colling, 213888
Clinical Experience Evaluating Platelet Function by Whole Blood Impedance Lumi-Aggregometry in a Pediatric Population
ISTH Academy, Michele Lambert, 213890
Quantitative Alteration of Vesicle Associated miRs and RISC Complex Reflect Platelet Concentrate Molecular Pattern during Storage as Platelets Activity Model
ISTH Academy, Vasilii Kishenko, 213953
Novel Fibrinogen Missense Mutations in Patients with Fibrinogen Defects
ISTH Academy, Elvira Grandone, 213955
Measurement of Immunoglobulins Anti VWF in Patients with Probable AVWS with an Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Using Platelet VWF as an Antigen
ISTH Academy, Analia Sanchez-Luceros, 213977
Real-life Bleeding Risk of Anti-factor Xa Direct Oral Inhibitors; Does Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Work?
ISTH Academy, Buddhika Badugama, 213978
Impact of Time-to-treatment on Freedom-from-relapse for Steroid-Refractory Immune Thrombocytopenia
ISTH Academy, Prakash Vishnu, 213998
Superiority of Avatrombopag to Placebo in Increasing Platelet Counts and Reducing Platelet Transfusions in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease-associated Thrombocytopenia Undergoing Scheduled Procedures - Pooled Analysis of 2 Randomized Phase 3 Studies
ISTH Academy, Kavita Aggarwal, 213999
Acquired Platelet Function Defect and Moderate Cutaneous Bleeding in a Patient on Treatment with a Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist for Asthma
ISTH Academy, Marina Marchetti, 214001
Usefulness of Optical Aggregometry and Flow Cytometric Studies as a Complementary Tools in Patients with Acquired Platelet Defects (APD)
ISTH Academy, Analia Sanchez-Luceros, 214032
New Clinicopathologic Finding in a Patient with Acquired Amegakaryocytic Thrombocytopenia Treated with Thrombopoietin Receptor Agonist Therapy
ISTH Academy, Rebecca Smith, 214049
Ubiquitin-driven p38 Inflammatory Signaling Induced by Protease-activated Receptors
ISTH Academy, Joann Trejo, 214051
The Anti-coagulant Vitamin K-dependent Factor, Protein S, Alters Endothelium Functions by Regulating Multiple Vascular Permeability Related Signaling Pathways
ISTH Academy, Omar Benzakour, 214053
The Effect of Unmeasurable Endogenous Plasma Factor Activity Levels on Factor VIII Dosing in Patients with Severe Hemophilia A
ISTH Academy, Pierre Chelle, 214087
Potential Clinical Trial Validation of Differential EPCR-dependent Activity by Eptacog Beta, a rhFVIIa Variant, in the Treatment of Bleeding in Hemophilia Patients with Inhibitors
ISTH Academy, Jonathan Ducore, 214088
Effects of Bothrops jararaca Venom on Platelet Aggregation, Secretion and Protein synthesis
ISTH Academy, Marcelo Larami Santoro, 214117
Monitoring Anticoagulation and Hemostasis in Cardiac Surgical Patients with a Drop of Whole Blood
ISTH Academy, Diane M Tshikudi, 214118
Long-Term Follow-up of Children on Prophylaxis for Severe Factor VII Deficiency in Lebanon
ISTH Academy, Roula A. Farah, 214120

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