The Burden of Hospital-Associated VTE: Facts Every Clinician Should Know
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Preventing Thrombosis During and Post-Hospitalization: New Paradigms in Clinical Care
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Pediatric Thrombosis
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Targeting platelet EPCR for better therapeutic factor VIIa activity
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Mechanisms and mitigating factors for venous thromboembolism in chronic kidney disease: the REGARDS study
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Risk factors for bleeding, including platelet count threshold, in newly diagnosed immune thrombocytopenia adults
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Flavin monooxygenase 3, the host hepatic enzyme in the metaorganismal trimethylamine N‐oxide‐generating pathway, modulates platelet responsiveness and thrombosis risk
ISTH Academy, Stanley L. Hazen, 230958
Leukocytes as a reservoir of circulating oncogenic DNA and regulatory targets of tumor‐derived extracellular vesicles
ISTH Academy, Janusz Rak, 230959
PDK1 governs thromboxane generation and thrombosis in platelets by regulating activation of Raf1 in the MAPK pathway: reply
ISTH Academy, Matthew Rondina, 230960
Acquired platelet antagonism: off‐target antiplatelet effects of malignancy treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors
ISTH Academy, Marijke Kuijpers, 230961
What the neighbors say
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 230962
A first‐in‐human study of the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of PF‐06741086, an anti‐tissue factor pathway inhibitor mAb, in healthy volunteers
ISTH Academy, Matthew Cardinal, 230963
Discovery of novel plasma biomarkers for future incident venous thromboembolism by untargeted synchronous precursor selection mass spectrometry proteomics
ISTH Academy, Søren Beck Jensen, 230964
Human platelets express endothelial protein C receptor, which can be utilized to enhance localization of factor VIIa activity
ISTH Academy, Ammon M. Fager, 230965
Substantial recurrence risk after venous thromboembolism provoked by minor risk factors
ISTH Academy, Sigrid Braekkan, 230966
Issue Information
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 230967
Thrombopoietin receptor agonists in hereditary thrombocytopenias
ISTH Academy, Francesco Rodeghiero, 230968
Diagnosis and classification of congenital fibrinogen disorders: communication from the SSC of the ISTH
ISTH Academy, Alessandro Casini, 230969
Less abnormal uterine bleeding with dabigatran than warfarin in women treated for acute venous thromboembolism
ISTH Academy, Menno Huisman, 230970
Stay Coagulated and Join the ISTH Today
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 230971
Autoantibody against integrin αβ contributes to thrombocytopenia by blocking the migration and adhesion of megakaryocytes
ISTH Academy, Junping Wang, 230972
Tuning the endothelial response: differential release of exocytic cargos from Weibel‐Palade bodies
ISTH Academy, Daniel Cutler, 230973
Chemical and pharmacological aspects of neutralization of heparins from different animal sources by protamine
ISTH Academy, Paulo A. S. Mourão, 230974
Alcohol consumption and the risk of incident pulmonary embolism in US women and men
ISTH Academy, Laura B. Harrington, 230975
Learning by counting blood platelets in population studies: survey and perspective a long way after Bizzozero
ISTH Academy, Chiara Cerletti, 230976
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The pediatric acenocoumarol dosing algorithm: the Children Anticoagulation and Pharmacogenetics Study
ISTH Academy, Anthonius de Boer, 230978
PDK1 governs thromboxane generation and thrombosis in platelets by regulating activation of Raf1 in the MAPK pathway: comment
ISTH Academy, Ulhas Naik, 230979
Hereditary angioedema: the plasma contact system out of control
ISTH Academy, Coen Maas, 230980
Anti‐C1 domain antibodies that accelerate factor VIII clearance contribute to antibody pathogenicity in a murine hemophilia A model
ISTH Academy, Shannon L. Meeks, 230981
Role of direct oral anticoagulants in the treatment of cancer‐associated venous thromboembolism: guidance from the SSC of the ISTH
ISTH Academy, Alok A. Khorana, 230982
The use of platelets in regenerative medicine and proposal for a new classification system: guidance from the SSC of the ISTH
ISTH Academy, Paul Harrison, 230983
Hemostatic complications in patients on ECMO and VADs
ISTH Academy, Jean Conners & Katherine Regling, 223424
Regulation of plasminogen activation on cell surfaces and fibrin
ISTH Academy, Tetsumei Urano, 227417
Thromboembolic risk after lumbar spine surgery: a cohort study on 325 000 French patients
ISTH Academy, Joel Coste, 227418
In vitro studies show synergistic effects of a procoagulant bispecific antibody and bypassing agents
ISTH Academy, Friedrich Scheiflinger, 227419
McMaster RARE‐Bestpractices clinical practice guideline on diagnosis and management of the catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome
ISTH Academy, Kimberly Legault, 227420
Modified clot waveform analysis to measure plasma coagulation potential in the presence of the anti‐factor IXa/factor X bispecific antibody emicizumab: comment
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In‐depth comparison of N‐glycosylation of human plasma‐derived factor VIII and different recombinant products: from structure to clinical implications
ISTH Academy, Birgit M. Reipert, 227422
Clinical and economic impact of compression in the acute phase of deep vein thrombosis
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Elevated plasma levels of P‐selectin glycoprotein ligand‐1‐positive microvesicles in patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism
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Hemorrhagic disorders of fibrinolysis: a clinical review
ISTH Academy, Joline Lieke Saes, 227425
Reliability of hemostasis biomarkers is affected by time‐dependent intra‐patient variability
ISTH Academy, Sylvie Bouvier, 227426
The fibrinogen prothrombin time‐derived method is not useful in patients anticoagulated with low molecular weight heparins or rivaroxaban
ISTH Academy, Cristina Duboscq, 227427
The perils of inhibiting deficient factors
ISTH Academy, Zara Sayar, 227428
Stay Coagulated and Join the ISTH Today
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 227429
Molecular actions of heparin and their implications in preventing pre‐eclampsia
ISTH Academy, John C. Kingdom, 227430
TC21/RRas2 regulates glycoprotein VI–FcRγ‐mediated platelet activation and thrombus stability
ISTH Academy, Lawrence Goldfinger, 227431
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 227432
Dual endothelin‐1 receptor antagonism attenuates platelet‐mediated derangements of blood coagulation in Eisenmenger syndrome
ISTH Academy, Fionnuala Ni Ainle, 227433
Move along, nothing to see here: Btk inhibitors stop platelets sticking to plaques
ISTH Academy, Alexander Paul Bye, 227434
Management of postpartum hemorrhage: how to improve maternal outcomes?
ISTH Academy, Johanna van der Bom, 227435
Pleiotropic effects of the hemostatic system
ISTH Academy, Henri Spronk, 227436
Hollow organosilica beads as reference particles for optical detection of extracellular vesicles
ISTH Academy, Zoltan Varga, 227437
Issue Information
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 227438
Reduction in physical function in women after venous thromboembolism
ISTH Academy, Kaitlin A Hagan, 227439
An international collaborative study to compare different von Willebrand factor glycoprotein Ib binding activity assays: the COMPASS‐VWF study
ISTH Academy, Imre Bodó, 227440
Carboxypeptidase B2 and carboxypeptidase N in the crosstalk between coagulation, thrombosis, inflammation, and innate immunity
ISTH Academy, John Morser, 227441
What the neighbors say
ISTH Academy, Session Speakers, 227442
Immune Thrombocytopenia: Pathophysiology and Treatment: Future Directions
ISTH Academy, Philip Choi, 223617
The Measurement of Mean Platelet Volume in the Differential Diagnosis of ITP: Case Report and State of the Art (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Patrizia Noris, 223616
Low Dose DOACs for the Secondary Prevention of VTE (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Jeffrey I. Weitz, 223621
Abnormal Bleeding in Mild/Moderate ITP: Case Report and the Role of Platelet Dysfunction (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Andrew Frelinger, 223615
DOACs for the Treatment of VTE in Unusual Site VTE (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Walter Ageno, 223620
Immune Platelet Disorders (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Donald Arnold, 223614
DOACs for the Treatment of Cancer Associated Thrombosis (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Marc Carrier, 223619
The Role of Platelets in Vascular Integrity and in the Prevention of Bleeding
ISTH Academy, Michael Berndt, 223613
Unmet Clinical Needs in the Management of Venous Thromboembolism
ISTH Academy, Sabine Eichinger, 223618
Sepsis Reconsidered
ISTH Academy, Clifford S. Deutschman, 223608
Targeting the Contact System for Treatment of Thrombo-Inflammatory Diseases
ISTH Academy, Thomas Renné, 223612
DIC in Sepsis and Obstetrics
ISTH Academy, Beverly Hunt, 223607
Medical Device Thrombosis- Causes and Prevention (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Jeffrey I. Weitz, 223611
Sepsis: A Critical Care Physician Perspective
ISTH Academy, Jerry J. Zimmerman, 223606
Hereditary Angioedema - Examining a Complex Etiology (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Marcel Levi, 223610
A Hemostasis Perspective on How to Mitigate Sepsis Mortality
ISTH Academy, Toshiaki Iba, 223605
Sepsis a Disorder of Coagulation or Platelets?
ISTH Academy, Dermot Cox, 223604
Resurrection of the Contact System - What We Now Know and What Remains to Be Determined
ISTH Academy, Coen Maas, 223609
Novel Approaches to Pharmacokinetics and Individualized Pharmacologic Dosing of Factor Products
ISTH Academy, Peter Collins, 223597
Why It Is Safe to Continue Antithrombotics for Some Procedures and Not Others?
ISTH Academy, Peter Verhamme, 223603
Using Electronic Data to Manage Hemophilia
ISTH Academy, Niamh O'Connell, 223596
Perioperative Prevention of Thromboembolism: An Asian Perspective
ISTH Academy, Heng Joo Ng, 223602
Hemophilia A With Inhibitors (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Carmen Escuriola-Ettingshausen, 223595
Determinants of Bleeding in a Perioperative Setting (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Charles Marc Samama, 223601
Hemophilia B (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Johnny Mahlangu, 223594
Determinants of Acute Coronary Syndromes in a Perioperative Setting
ISTH Academy, Ursula Rauch-Kröhnert, 223600
Hemophilia A (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Beatrice Nolan, 223593
The Role for Laboratory Testing Before Urgent Surgery (Case Based Presentation)
ISTH Academy, Adam Cuker, 223599
The History of Hemophilia Replacement Therapy: From Samuel Lane to Extended Half-Life Factor Replacement Therapy
ISTH Academy, Kathelijn Fischer, 223592
Perioperative Mechanisms of Thrombosis
ISTH Academy, John-Bjarne Hansen, 223598
Emicizumab Impact on Factor VIII Inhibitor Determination in Plasma Samples from Persons with Hemophilia A (PwHA) using a New Kit for Modified Nijmegen-Bethesda Assay (MNBA)
ISTH Academy, Ali Sadeghi-Khomami, 213440
Antithrombin Levels in Nigerians with Type2 Diabetes
ISTH Academy, Omolade Augustina Awodu, 213442
Betrixaban: Impact on Routine and Specific Coagulation Assays - A Practical Laboratory Guide
ISTH Academy, Romain Siriez, 213443
Thrombin Generation and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
ISTH Academy, Irina Gribkova, 213446
Cost-effectiveness of Edoxaban versus Dalteparin for Treatment of Cancer-associated Thrombosis
ISTH Academy, Nathan Connell, 213450
Description and Evaluation of the Comparison of Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time versus Anti-factor Xa Activity for Therapeutic Unfractionated Heparin Monitoring in a Tertiary Academic Medical Center using Three Different Adult Weight-based, Nurse Managed Nomogram Protocols
ISTH Academy, Laura Talamo, 213457
Idarucizumab for Reversing Anticoagulation in Patients Treated with Dabigatran: Experience in our Center
ISTH Academy, Estefania Morente Constantin, 213459
Direct Oral Anticoagulant Use in Obese Patients: Preliminary Results of a Pilot Study
ISTH Academy, Laura Talamo, 213461
Subsegmental Pulmonary Embolism: An Innocent Bystander?
ISTH Academy, Myrthe Carlijn Gerritsen, 213467
Added Value of the DIC Score and of D-dimer to Predict Outcome after Successfully Resuscitated Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
ISTH Academy, Nina Buchtele, 213471
Treatment Satisfaction with Rivaroxaban for the Management of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) - Early Results from the 'Follow-up in Rivaroxaban Patients in Setting of Thromboembolism' (FIRST) Registry
ISTH Academy, Victoria Speed, 213472

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