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This live session will be hosted on:
December 7, 2022 18:40-19:40 UTC

Session Description
This webinar will features talks by Prof. Ian Roberts and Dr. Michelle Sholzberg on the Do's and Don'ts of Anti-fibrinolytic Therapy.

Event Outline:
  • Introduction by Tetsumei Urano, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Tranexamic Acid: A "Vaccine" to Prevent Life Threatening Bleeding by Ian Roberts (20 minutes)
  • Anti-fibrinolytic Therapy: Don'ts by Michelle Sholzberg, M.D. (20 minutes)
  • Q&A with audience (15 minutes)
Learning Objectives:
Tranexamic Acid: A "Vaccine" to Prevent Life Threatening Bleeding
  • Know who invented the antifibrinolytic drug, tranexamic acid, when, and why
  • Understand which trauma patients should be treated with tranexamic acid, when, and where
  • Understand that tranexamic acid is well tolerated and rapidly absorbed after intramuscular injection
Anti-fibrinolytic Therapy: Don'ts 
  • Compare and contrast tranexamic acid labelling
  • Learn relative and absolute cointraindications for tranexamic acid use
  • Understand evidence substantiating thse contraindications
  • Learn to weigh the risks and benefits
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